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Leigh provides advice and assistance to a range of clients with organisational design. He assists with internal organisational design and provides advice to local government authorities on the structure of local government. Leigh is also involved in organisational development activities. He regularly facilitates seminars and is jointly involved in developing and facilitating leadership programmes for the New Zealand Planning Institute.

During his tenure as CEO of Manukau City Council (2006-2010) Leigh restructured the Council View report here. This reorganisation was premised on establishing the right framework for the delivery of outcomes desired by the Council. It involved the establishment of a parent organisation, with a range of service delivery mechanisms such as CCO’s and outsourcing to achieve efficient outputs and effective outcomes for the City. The model was premised on building and maintaining excellent relationships within and between the different parts of the ‘family’ or ‘whanau’, and establishing strong policies and systems to underpin a powerful and positive culture of achievement. The development of this enabling culture was seen as critical to success.

The organisational design provided governance oversight to a range of existing Trusts and Limited Liability Companies (CCO’s), and created several new companies . These entities included:

and the following Companies and Trusts which were disestablished with the advent of the new Auckland Council on 1 November 2010:

  • Manukau Water Ltd
  • Manukau City Investments Ltd
  • Manukau Leisure Ltd
  • Tomorrow’s Manukau Properties Ltd (TMPL)
  • Manukau Building Consents Ltd
  • Manukau Enterprise and Employment Trust (Enterprising Manukau)

Leigh was Chair of the Council Controlled Organisations’ Review Panel 2006-2010. He has extensive experience in a range of portfolio areas, including Environmental Planning and Spatial Planning, Transport, Water and Waste Service, Waste Management, and a range of regulatory services. His views on the role of CCOs in the new Auckland Council are reported in the Howick & Pakuranga Times in May 2010

Leigh is an advocate of continuous learning, and has studied at Executive Programmes at:


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